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We are introduce ourselves established Ship Suppliers company based at Kandla serving all ports of India. Understand your good vessel calling to our region very often, We offer the finest services of following with best prices and promt delivery, Quality is assured.

We are specialists in Ship Agency work for Container, Break Bulk, Heavy Lifts, Ro-Ro, Bulk Carriers and Petroleum & Edible oil Tankers.

Our agency department offers full fledge main and covering agent services, at most major & minor Indian ports, to vessel calling these ports for loading and discharging operation even at oil terminals, inner and outer anchorage. Through strong connection with Port authorities, Bunker, fresh water and fuels could be arranged on short notice, round the clock. Crew medical, repatriation and welfare operation is also offered to the vessels. Also provide specialized services of handling & transportation of Heavy Lifts and ODC cargoes.

Our fast services, availablity in ready stocks, at every major port, ensure - fast, reliable and dependable supply at any time. We can extend its services to any port in INDIA round the Clock.

As the controllers of cargoes, charterers are directly responsible for keeping the world’s shipping fleet in business. While some Charterers own ships themselves, either on a leased or permanent basis, most charterers regularly hire ships, or space on ships, to move their goods, products and even passengers.Ship Charterers either liaise with intermediaries, known as Ship Brokers, or directly with ship owners to arrange the hire or charter of ships to get those cargoes to their clients by the most cost-effective and timely means. Ship Charterers therefore need to be in touch with the market to find the most suitable and cost effective transport options.

Numerous different ships systems and controls being maintained by engineer officers are used on all types of vessels today. These consist of engine room systems such as lube oil, fuel oil, and seawater, along with deck officer’s roles such as cargo

We offer the most economical Marine Machinery repairs in Kandla, Mundra and all major ports of India. We provide our technical services such as consultancy, repairs, and maintenance. Successful Marine Machinery repair is measured by many standards – Quality of work, Manpowership, Timely completion, Competitive Pricing and Safety. When all these elements are placed together and when the groundwork has been properly done, then the result is excellent. We have a strong skilled workforce (management as well as technical).

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